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Founded in 2008, Beijing Dance Theater (BDT) is led by its choreographer Wang Yuanyuan together with visual artists Tan Shaoyuan and Hanjiang. It has collaborated with many internationally renowned dramatists, musicians and designers, enriching the international dance stages with its world-class productions, each of which represents the highest level of Chinese contemporary dance. BDT’s repertoire includes: Stirred from a Dream, a dance-drama adapted from the Kun Opera Peony Pavilion; Diary of Empty Space, an energetic triple-bill and the company’s opening performance; Haze, a contemplation in a time of crisis; Prism, a triple-bill featuring work by choreographers from Sweden, Denmark, and Canada; and Color of Love, a sensual exploration of the emotional landscape of women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. In June of 2010, the company premiered Martlet (Bird Without Feet), which depicts life in Beijing. All of these works have captured global attention. During 2011–2012, BDT will tour Europe and the US to perform Haze. In 2011, BDT is presenting Golden Lotus at the Hong Kong Arts Festival. They are also going to presenting Middle collaborating with French choreographer Anthony Egea at Festival Croisements, as well as Hesitation with the well-known Chinese theater director Lin Zhaohua.

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June 23, 2009 (BEIJING)

Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater (BCDT) is in the process of creating an original dance work for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Repubic of China. The new work Prism (棱镜) will premiere on August 28th at the People’s Liberation Army Theater.

The Beijing Municipal Government has selected the performance by BCDT as one of only 12 performances for the official celebration of the anniversary. Of the 12 diverse artistic performances, only BCDT’s involves the work of international artists.

The new work will feature three new modern dance pieces by three accomplished international guest choreographers: Nadine Thouin of Canada; Louise Midjord of Denmark; Pontus Lidberg of Sweden.

Ms. Thouin of Canada is well-known internationally for her bold and creative contemporary dance works. Her remarkable career includes work not only in dance but also in film, music, and drama. In 1999, Canadian embassies and consulates recognized her as a cultural ambassador to Asia. Her creation Bone (2002), the first multidisciplinary co-production between Canada and China, was the subject of a documentary film broadcast on Bravo TV which obtained the Jury’s Prize at the Lincoln Center in New York as part of Dance On Camera’s world tour and continues to be screened internationally. She has a long history of work in Asia and China. Her new work will be titled White. Her website is www.go-on.ca

Ms. Midjord of the Royal Danish Ballet brings a strong background in classical ballet. She has a rich repertoire, and has won high awards at many international dance festivals. Her creative works have won her a place as an important artist in the contemporary dance scene in Europe. Her piece will be called Map of Me (and You).

Mr. Lidberg brings a strong sense of lyricism with dance movements at once sensitive and precise, bringing together the charms of classical ballet and modern dance. He works in film as well, and amongst his best-known works is Rain (2007), for which he has received numerous awards around the world, including an “Outstanding Achievement in Choreography for Film” at the Dance Media Honors in Los Angeles and “Best Film” at the London International Dance Film Festival. Mr. Lidberg’s contribution is entitled Luminous. His website is www.lidberg.se/pontus

The three new works together will comprise Prism—a three-sided glass which refracts white light, breaking it into a spectrum of colors.

The collaboration over the summer, culminating in the performance on August 28, marks the first annual international collaboration for the brand new Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater. Though the dance company performed its first piece in December 2008, it already boasts a rich repertoire of 5 pieces and is happy to be working together with a truly global creative team so early in its existence.

“This exchange offers a fantastic learning opportunity for both sides,” says Artistic Director of the BCDT Wang Yuanyuan. “The bringing together of such talented choreographers from Europe and North America with our Chinese dancers and crew allows all of us to learn from one another. A prism also suggests seeing things from different angles, and we hope in our creative expressions and processes we can help each other see from the other side. The arts can serve as great diplomacy—a direct field for understanding and compassion between peoples. ”

Prism will be performed from August 28 – 29 at the People’s Liberation Army Theater.

Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater was formed in April 2008 with its opening performance of Diary of Empty Space playing at the Tianqiao Theater in December 2008. As the first troupe of contemporary ballet in China, the Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater brings together the veteran talents of Wang Yuanyuan (Artistic Director and Choreographer); Tan Shaoyuan (Set Design); and Han Jiang (Lighting Design).

Complete and up-to-date information about the company in English and Chinese can be found at www.bjcdt.org


English Christopher Ruggles (christopher.ruggles@aya.yale.edu) Chinese Wang Chao (wangchao927@gmail.com)

Upcoming Performances

August 28 - 29 Modern Dance & Ballet: Prism (棱镜) The Beijing Contemporary Dance Theater presents three original dance works by accomplished international choreographers from Canada, Denmark, and Sweden. Tickets at 6417.7845 or www.piao.com.cn. RMB 100 - 580; student tickets at RMB 50. 7:30 PM PLA Theater. More info at www.bjcdt.org .