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Wang Yuanyuan (王媛媛)

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Artistic Director / Choreographer
Born and raised in Beijing, Ms. Wang Yuanyuan is one of China’s leading modern dance choreographers. She prides herself on being rooted in Chinese traditions while at the same time producing innovative, authentic, and thoughtful contemporary dance works for the world stage. She started as a dancer at the age of 10 at the Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Dance Academy and continued to study choreography at Beijing Dance Academy where she later served as teacher. Between 2000 and 2002, she was further trained at the prestigious Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program at the California Institute of Arts (Cal Arts) School of Dance in Los Angeles, United States. In 1998, she was named resident choreographer of the National Ballet of China and successively staged Butterfly Lovers, Rainbow of the Night, Attraction, Lost Emotion, Fate, and a Chinese version of Nutcracker. Later on, she also choreographed a ballet version of Raise the Red Lantern for film director Zhang Yimou and the dance sequences for Tan Dun’s music in the film The Banquet for director Feng Xiaogang. Her works have been staged around the globe in the United States, Russia, Korea, France, Bulgaria, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico. In recognition of her excellence in choreography, she has been invited to serve as guest choreographer at New York City Ballet Choreography Institute, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (School of Dance), Royal Danish Ballet and Shanghai Ballet. Aside from her early award as dancer in Paris International Dance Competition, she has won “Best Choreographer” awards in Bulgaria Varna International Ballet Competition (IBC), US Jackson IBC, Moscow IBC and Shanghai IBC, which made her the one to win the most "Best Choreographer" awards internationally among Chinese choreographers. In 2008, she founded Beijing Dance Theater with veteran lighting designer Han Jiang and set designer Tan Shaoyuan. Diary of Empty Space was premiered the same year as their first creation, followed by Stirred from a Dream, Haze, Prism, The Color of Love, Martlet, Harvest, Golden Lotus and Hesitation.

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